Spells for Lost Things

7 Spells for Lost Things : Using The Mystical World of Spells for Misplaced Possessions

Losing something of significance can plunge one into a whirlwind of stress and frustration. Be it your car keys, wallet, or a cherished keepsake, the overwhelming feeling of helplessness when unable to locate it can be all-consuming. Luckily, there are spells that can help you locate lost items and ease your mind.

The Origins of Spells for Lost Things

The origins of spells for lost things can be traced back to some of the earliest civilizations in human history, which believed in the interconnectedness of the world and the existence of unseen forces that governed various aspects of life. In these ancient societies, the belief in the supernatural was deeply ingrained, and people turned to rituals, incantations, and magical practices to navigate the uncertainties of life.

  • Ancient Egypt: One of the earliest known instances of spells for lost things can be found in ancient Egyptian civilization, dating back thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians believed in an afterlife and had an intricate system of religious beliefs. They sought guidance and assistance from various deities to help them in their daily lives. Thoth, the god of wisdom and magic, was often invoked to aid in finding lost items or deciphering hidden knowledge.
  • Ancient Greece and Rome: The practice of casting spells for lost things was also prevalent in ancient Greek and Roman cultures. The Greeks revered Hermes, the messenger of the gods, who was associated with communication, travel, and guidance. Similarly, the Romans identified Hermes with their own god, Mercury. People would call upon Hermes/Mercury for help in locating lost possessions, especially when traveling, as he was believed to be a protector of travelers.
  • Folklore and Traditions: Beyond these ancient civilizations, the practice of spells for lost things has been a part of numerous folk traditions and cultural practices worldwide. Throughout history, various cultures developed their own unique rituals and beliefs related to finding lost items.
  • Sympathetic Magic: A common underlying principle in many of these spells is the concept of sympathetic magic. This idea, first coined by anthropologist Sir James George Frazer in his book “The Golden Bough,” suggests that there is a sympathetic connection between objects with similar characteristics. In the context of spells for lost things, practitioners believe that by creating a psychic link between themselves and the lost item, they can influence its location.
Spells for Lost Things
spell for lost items

The Principles behind the Spells

The principles behind spells for lost items often draw upon various mystical and metaphysical concepts, and they vary depending on the specific belief systems and practices of different cultures. However, there are some common underlying principles that tend to inform these enchantments:

1-Law of Similarity

This principle posits that things resembling one another possess a connection and can influence each other. In the context of spells for lost items, the practitioner uses an object or representation that is similar to the lost item to establish a psychic link between themselves and the misplaced possession.

2-Law of Contagion

This principle suggests that objects that were once in contact continue to have a connection, even if physically separated. In spellwork, practitioners use personal belongings or items previously connected to the lost object to strengthen the bond between the seeker and the lost possession.

3-Visualization and Intention

In many spells for lost things, the power of the mind plays a crucial role. The lost item spell-caster typically engages in visualization, mentally picturing the lost item in detail, often accompanied by strong emotions tied to the significance of the object. This visualization is believed to create a potent mental image that strengthens the psychic connection between the seeker and the lost item.

4-Symbolism and Ritual Elements

Spells for lost things often incorporate various symbolic elements, such as colors, crystals, herbs, and sacred objects. Each element holds its own unique significance, and their use in the spell is believed to amplify the energy and intention of the ritual. For example, the color blue may be used to symbolize calm and clarity, while rosemary might be employed for its association with memory and mental clarity.

5-Moon Phases and Planetary Alignments

In certain magical practices, the timing of finding lost things spell is essential. Moon phases and planetary alignments are considered to have specific energies that can enhance the effectiveness of the spell. For instance, performing the spell during a waxing moon (when the moon is growing) is thought to attract the lost item, while a full moon may be utilized to illuminate hidden truths and guide the seeker.

Practical Application of Spell for Lost Items

While each spell may have its unique rituals, components, and incantations, there are some common practices observed among practitioners. Here are a few examples of simple yet effective spells for finding lost items:

  • The Salt Spell: One of the simplest spells for finding lost things is the Salt Spell. To perform this spell, you’ll need a small amount of salt and a white candle. Light the candle and hold it in your dominant hand. Take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it over the flame of the candle while saying the following: “Salt of the earth, find what is lost, Bring it back to me, at any cost.” Repeat this three times, then extinguish the candle. The salt will help to draw the lost object back to you.
  • The Pendulum Spell: The Pendulum Spell is another effective way to find lost items. To perform this spell, you’ll need a pendulum and a map of the area where the object was last seen. Hold the pendulum over the map and ask it to show you where the lost item is. The pendulum will swing in the direction of the lost object. Follow the direction of the pendulum until you find the lost item.
  • The Candle Spell: The Candle Spell is a powerful way to find lost items. To perform this spell, you’ll need a white candle, a piece of paper, and a pen. Write the name of the lost object on the paper and place it under the candle. Light the candle and focus your energy on the lost item. Visualize the lost item coming back to you. When the candle has burned down, the lost item should be found.
  • The Bay Leaf Spell: The Bay Leaf Spell is a simple and effective way to find lost items. To perform this spell, you’ll need a bay leaf and a pen. Write the name of the lost object on the bay leaf and hold it in your hand. Close your eyes and visualize the lost item coming back to you. When you feel a sense of calm and peace, burn the bay leaf. The lost item should be found soon after.
  • The Mirror Spell: The Mirror Spell is a powerful way to find lost items. To perform this spell, you’ll need a small mirror and a white candle. Light the candle and hold the mirror in front of it. Ask the mirror to show you where the lost item is. The mirror will reveal the location of the lost item. Follow the direction of the mirror until you find the lost item.
  • The Four Elements Ritual: Gather representations of the four elements: a small bowl of soil (earth), a lit incense stick (air), a small candle (fire), and a cup of water (water). Focus your intention on the lost item while holding each element and asking for their combined assistance in locating it.
  • Chant and Rhythmic Search: Create a simple chant that describes the lost item and its significance to you. Chant the words as you search the area where the item was last seen. The rhythmic repetition can help align your focus and intuition towards its discovery.

Other Spells to find lost item

  • Crossroads Lost Animal Spell: In the realm of Russian folklore, a peculiar yet captivating method exists for calling lost animals home. This practice consists of going to a crossroads where the pathways intertwine and diverge, therfore the unexpected can turn up from any direction at any time. Steps :
  1. Go to a crossroads.
  2. Face west, the direction of the setting sun.
  3. Bow from the waist nine times.
  4. Do this three times, for a total of twenty-seven bows, calling the animal
    as you normally would, and also chant prayers and petitions and recite
    sacred texts.
  5. Don’t stop calling and/or petitioning until three series of nine bows each
    are complete, then take ten steps backward without turning around.
  6. Turn around and go home.
  • Spells for Lost Love and Romance :

The idea of lost love spells has captured the human imagination for centuries. The desire to rekindle a fading love or reunite with a former partner is a profoundly emotional and human experience.

Spells for Lost Things
lost item spell
spell for lost items


The origins of spells for lost things are deeply rooted in the ancient beliefs and practices of civilizations that sought to understand and control the mysteries of the world. These practices have evolved and adapted over time, finding a place in diverse cultures and traditions. Although modern skepticism may question the effectiveness of such rituals, the enduring appeal of these spells lies in their ability to offer hope, comfort, and a sense of empowerment to individuals in times of distress and uncertainty.

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